First Nations Artist Jeffrey Bluesky Crowe


Jeffrey Crowe was born in Preeceville, Sask. On March of 1974. Jeff is from YellowQuill First Nation in Sask, Canada. Jeffrey has been painting since  June of 1986.  The following year in 1987 Jeff won a first prize competition sponsored by the Peace Hills Trust in Edmonton, Alberta. This event is a Canada wide competition to promote First Nations Artists. This encouraged Jeffrey Crowe to further his talent in the art market. Crowe was a featured artist at a show titled Ka-Kitowak (They Will Thunder) at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery located at the University campus in Saskatoon, Sask. Jeff Crowe has painted murals, which can be seen at the Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Centre and the Kilburn Hall Youth Centre and many art corprate collections through Canada and in Saskatchewans Crown Corporations.

Artist Comment;

“Over the years of painting I have experimented with different styles of art, the traditional Native images are a part of my cultural heritage that I portray as Spiritual Art. I have enjoyed painting these images since I was a young boy, over the years they have become a way of understanding my spirit and the essence of my First Nations history. I also have been painting abstract images, mostly of faces. This type of style has given myself true artistic freedom to paint whatever inspires me as an artist. I will continue to paint and push myself to explore the artistic spirit within.”




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